Check out the Pros and Cons of Long Bridesmaid Dresses and Look Gorgeous

When there is a wedding, there are lots of discussions coming up. Even if you are a bridesmaid, you are not spared. The most important task for you is to choose a dress. Now, can you pick the first dress that you see? The answer is likely to be, no. Most importantly, the dress length is a matter of concern to everyone. As it is a formal wedding, the hemline is expected to be long. Of course, there are many reasons related to long dresses for bridesmaids.

As you will be accompanying the bride with other friends, taking a unanimous decision is pretty difficult. Something the other always comes up. There is a huge list of factors to consider. In the midst of running back and forth, the bridesmaids often pick the one unsuitable for them. Needless to say, one wrong choice can create a disaster. So, read the article further and learn why long dresses are the best for wedding scenes.

Going with the Trend:

Long bridesmaid dresses are ideal for a fall or winter wedding. The hemlines matter. It is seen that the brides are going with mismatched style. But it does not work out always. When the maids are wearing midi, mini, and maxi, the photograph may look odd. To keep up the uniformity in the frame, focus on long hemline. Such style looks perfect on a petite, curvy, tall, and slim figure. There are different shades available and the maids can try out anything they like. So, they can enjoy the freedom, too. Furthermore, they can have fun with mix and match style as long as the length is long.

Check out the Pros and Cons of Long Bridesmaid Dresses and Look Gorgeous

Making the Long, a Choice:

For a wedding event, formality is one of the important factors. The long beautiful gowns have simple cuts and most of them are A-line. As there is no asymmetrical or abstract cut, the long dresses are simple in every way. To match the formality of an event, you can take a long dress. Moreover, you will be in a church and the families will be there. A short dress may look indecent. Even the dress fits in if you are attending an informal dinner in the backyard with the families and friends. Additionally, a knee-length would fit in.

Looking at the Pros:

As you are not getting enough chance to show off your legs, shift the focus on jewelry. The long dresses are versatile in nature, too. Without such styles, the dress is bound to look bland. The low backs, high slits, and sexy cutouts can make the dress more beautiful. For instance, if you choose a mermaid dress, the high slit adds an alluring effect. In case, you are not fond of the dress, you can repurpose it always. Cutting down the hemline and making it short may be an alternative idea.

Looking at the Cons:

The fashion world is divided in two. Too short or too long? Yet, nobody has the perfect answer. The short dresses have their sets of bright sides. For instance, they are more comfortable than long dresses on the dance floor. You can show off the beautiful high heels that you have been hesitating to wear for a long time. Also, there is a wide variety of fabrics that can work well with short dresses. There is a better sense of personalization with the short ones.

If you cannot find a long dress for your petite figure, there are other options available. You can always order custom bridesmaid dresses and look simply magnificent. Don’t forget to provide the right measurements and turn all the eyes on you.

Author Bio:

Emma Richardson is a fashion blogger who has been helping bridesmaids around the world about how to order custom bridesmaid dresses. Here, she talks about why long bridesmaid dresses are better than choosing short dresses.