4 Fun Ways to Reuse Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses and Save Money Easily

Everyone is happy about being a bridesmaid but nobody is happy about buying it. It is not your wedding, why should you spend hundreds of bucks for it? Moreover, nobody wears it after the wedding. Just like the bridal wedding gown, the bridesmaid’s dress perishes in the back of the cupboard. Needless to say, you don’t have to pay around $300 for a dress. It is possible to find a flawless dress under $150. You can also wear a cheap dress later in life.

The bridesmaids relentlessly seek something fashionable till the day of the wedding. When it is a cheap gown, you don’t have to think twice for experimenting. Hence, the keepsake will not remain as it is even after the wedding. In any case, you are invited as the wedding guest, you can wear it again. The ensemble will come handy in many times. Even if you have to buy something under pressure, you can change it completely. When it is a cheap dress, the experimentation will not burn a hole in the pocket. If things work out, you will be in a win-win situation. In case, the re purposing idea has interested you, go through the following section now.

Change it completely at Home:

The best part of buying cheap bridesmaid dresses is that you can take up a DIY project. You don’t like the neck style? Or, the shoulders look so-not-comfy? Recycle the whole dress into curtains, quilts, or doll clothing. If it is a sequin dress, use the sequins for a wallet. Many people dye the dress when it is too bright or pale. If DIY is not your forte, you can always give it away in charity. If there is no wear and tear, the thrift stores are pretty good places to donate. Who knows, you will be giving away a girl’s future prom dress?

4 Fun Ways to Reuse Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses and Save Money Easily


There is Freedom to cut it:

Many blogs often go crazy over how long dresses are the best. In reality, they are the worst for petite women. Even if you are tall, the long dresses are quite tricky to tackle. If you are yet to attend the wedding, prepare yourself for having the hardest time on the dance floor. Thank heavens; you paid the least amount for such a long-length dress. So, it is better to bid goodbye to the long-length vibe. Cut it off to make the dress short. Since the long dress has been a nightmare for the petite figures, a shorter hemline will not be a bad idea. For a high-tea party, that cheap dress will be perfect. Also, the summer days will be breezier.

Advanced Halloween Gift to You:

 It is already what you never expected. Why not turn it in a Halloween costume? You can add a little bit of creativity and pose as a zombie princess, beauty queen, or bride. Even you can dress up just like the protagonist from ‘27 Dresses’. You will not spend one penny on making the costume. If you can cut in two, you will be saving for future Halloweens too.

Get a Tailor:

It is quite heartbreaking to turn up in such a Halloween costume. The bride may take it personally. Without hurting anyone’s feelings, you can still make things right. Shortening the cheap dress may be quite difficult. If you want to wear it again at formal events, you need to find a tailor. Whether you want to transform it into a bold piece or keep the mix and match style, provide the requirements to the tailor carefully.

You can also pass the same tips to the newly-wed so that she repurposes the cheap wedding dresses in unique ways.

Author Bio:

Natalie Anderson is a fashion blogger who has been writing about how to accessorize with cheap wedding dresses. Here, she discusses a few tips about how to reuse the cheap bridesmaid dresses easily at home.