Babylights inspires by the dimensional hair found on babies. Babylights are ultra-thin highlights meticulously woven into your base color to achieve subtle tonal adjustments. Babylights may appear inconspicuous at first glance, but they provide a lot of depth and brightness to a room, so give it a try Babylights Madrid.

How are Babylights Done?

Your hairdresser of Babylights Madrid highlights baby-fine patches of hair one or two shades lighter than your base color. The highlights merge flawlessly for a brighter overall look with tiny bits of hair in each foil and little distinction between them. However, the look is radiant and more dimensional.

The Benefits of Using Babylights

If you’re on the fence about trying out this popular hair coloring process, here are a few reasons why you should:

Babylights Madrid

They don’t require much upkeep.

When it comes to babylights, hair upkeep is simple. You’ll be able to get away with going to the salon once or twice a year for a touch-up. Request that your colorist tones your roots darker than the rest of your babylights. Your babylights will seem softer and won’t leave visible demarcation lines this way, even as they grow out.

Looks Amazing on Short Hair

While many hair coloring treatments work well on long hair, most short haircuts can’t pull them off unless they’re done by a professional. The colorist strategically inserts the foil around the center parting and hair framing the face, using only a few hair strands, making this coloring process look great even on short hair.

Make the Face Shine

When our hair is only one toned, it seems flat and unflattering to the face’s features. Babylights will give your hair that much-needed depth, making your face appear brighter and younger. Your innate appeal will get highly enhanced with the proper haircut.