distressed jeans

Once some furtive fashion heroes refused to toss their favorite pair of jeans into the trash just because of a scrape on the thigh or a hole on the knees. Turned out that these old and beaten-up denim pants looked bold and soon became a badass fashion trend. From rappers to superstars to the guy next door, ripped jeans cemented their niche in every wardrobe.

Honoring the new trend, the industry started experimenting and churning out different styles of ripped jeans. Today, you can easily shop for distressed jeans for women at Nobody Denim, choosing from a wide range of varieties. While numerous pre-ripped jeans are flooding the market, not all of them are ideal for your personality.

While perfect distressed jeans can elevate your cool and happening look, the wrong pair can easily ruin things. Many fashion enthusiasts and economical buyers are often encouraged by DIY crafts to turn their jeans into distressed ones. After all, all it takes is some cuts and scrapes.

The very thought is the beginning of a disaster. Several factors contribute to the making of perfectly ripped jeans that not only look good but also raise your style quotient. Here are some pointers to consider while buying an ideal pair of ripped jeans.

  • Understand and pick the type of ripping

Distressed jeans can be ripped in three major ways, cuts, shreds, and scraps. Here is a breakdown of each of these blemishes for your better understanding.

  • Holes

Holes are best suited if there is a visible window to your legs through the fabric of the jeans. It is important to note that these holes expose more of your leg or knee when you sit. For that reason, these should not be made wider than a couple of inches. The best holes are the ones that run horizontal and are no wider than your leg.

  • Shredded

Sometimes your jeans get torn at places without a clear opening in the fabric. What could be a certain window is covered by threads of the material. Such blemishes can perfectly turn the jeans into shredded ones and is a highly popular trend, especially among youngsters.

  • Scrapped

Some blemishes do not completely pierce the fabric. They are mere scratches or abrasions on the material that are no bigger than a quarter. Scrapping can give a new life to your favorite pair of jeans and make it dapper.

  • Select the placement of ripping you like the most

This is one of the diciest parts where most jeans enthusiasts slip up. Ripping has to be done mindfully, especially when you are working with holes and shreds. Having a large hole on the thigh can easily make a cool look cold.

Similarly,  holes below your mid shin do not do any favor to your oomph factor. However, you can be more liberal while placing shreds as they do not expose your legs and can look pretty anywhere.

  • Check the variety in rip counts and choose a balanced one

You might have seen many celebrities wearing ripped jeans with multiple windows running all across their legs. While that can look great on their personality, these are not ideal for everyone.

It is risky to have your entire jeans being mere a bunch of holes. Having two shreds, two holes, or one each paired with a shred is a great combination that works for almost every style, occasion, age, and gender.