There are a lot of people, especially women are into wearing various types of contact lenses nowadays. A lot of reasons that they consider, for their style and for their health purposes. Today, contact lenses are not only for cosmetic purposes, and as a decoration to the eyes to make it more attractive, but there is a contact lens that is used for an individual not to wear glasses anymore. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people keep on buying this thing as this has this purpose that will definitely help every individual just like the eyeddict one day lenses.

Different Types Of Contact Lenses

  1. Daily Wear Contact Lens. This is designed to be comfortable for every user, as it can last for 18 hours. There are a lot of people who prefer this type of contact lens, with that they can get the contact lens disposable and the reusable one. This is for the purpose that they can wear it in their daily use, and for other purposes that it will take them long hours to wear contact lenses.
  2. Extended Wear Contact Lens. A lot of people are looking for this for several reasons, it is one of the most popular contact lenses for those who have these events to attend. Thus, every individual who would like to wear this kind of contact lens needs to remember the fact that this need to be removed once sleeping as it will irritate the eyes that could lead to a serious thing. But, it is one of the most comfortable contact lenses that many people find it more interesting.
  3. Multifocal/ Bifocal. This type of contact lens is used for health purposes, people who have an eye disorder can wear this type of contact lens. Another thing is for those who have this sign of aging where they are experiencing poor eyesight and have this kind of conjunction and additional disorder.
  4. Monovision Contact lens. This is designed for those individuals who cannot see far away and of course those who don’t want to wear glasses. It is more convenient than glasses, this will look at the eyes more natural, but the benefits will always be there. This is just like the glasses that adjust the sensitivity of the eyes to see far things that cannot be seen by the naked eyes. There are a lot of people who look for this as it is really convenient to wear and as well as it is easier to wear. It is just like the 1-day Acuvue moist, that can be found in a different store.
  5. Colored Variant Contact Lens. A lot of people are using this type of contact lens, where they wear it to different events. They refer to this type of contact lens as they want to hide the true colors of their eyes, another thing is that it allows every individual to have these different color eyes for their benefits and more.


Contact lenses are very helpful, especially to those individuals who don’t have great vision. This can be considered as one of the main purposes of wearing this kind, and of course, another reason is for cosmetics purposes. People today want to experience what is updated and what they think they can look more attractive and beautiful as well.