Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore

The matter of hair being lost is not as important as an increase in hair loss over time, which is a sign of time to consider for the treatment of hair regrowth. The loss of hair badly affects the mental health and self-confidence of an individual which in turn results in a negative impact on life in the long run. There are two categories for hair loss treatments i.e. medications and in-clinic treatments.

The most usual thinking of Singaporeans coming for treatment inquiries on Humans is whether all hair loss is permanent or not. This article aims to help an individual to decide if hair loss treatment may be effective and also the common causes and symptoms of hair loss. There are also some of the most common misconceptions about hair loss. If an individual is from a different country with a different climate, and who has come to Singapore’s warm weather, it may be some consolation to know that they are not alone in experiencing hair loss issues after shifting from a different place. Many people suffer from similar problems and also managed successfully overcome these problems. Read this article to find out the prices of hair treatment in Singapore.

Hair loss medications treatment.

This treatment is suitable for people with mild or very little hair loss that can be treated with medications.

In-clinic treatments.

This type of treatment includes:

Minoxidil is also known as Rogaine.

This is the most commonly sold as Rogaine in medical stores in Singapore. However, the use of this only slows down hair loss without stimulating the growth of new hair.

Read this article to find out the prices of hair treatment in Singapore.

Finasteride known as Propecia.

Finasteride, also known as Propecia is effective in treating scalp areas which do not involve the temples. The result has been shown to improve both total and new hair counts while slowing the progress of new hair loss.

Nourkrin Hair Growth Supplement

This comes under the category of a supplement rather than a medication category. However, most of the women experienced to increase in volume after using it.

All the above medicines are available in a wide range with different pricing.


It is observed that each hair treatment in Singapore has its unique features, preferences, and budget. After reviewing the different available options, it is safer side to conclude that a mid-range cost treatment in a qualified and trusted clinic is the most effective. Alternative treatments at cheaper rates are not so effective and might have more negative side effects. Contacting any Clinic for a detailed patient consultation where the specialized doctors will be able to recommend the most suitable way to treat the hair loss issues, backed by a total commitment to the care plan.