eyelash extension primer

Having the appropriate tools for an eyelash extension is fundamental. Tools are made for additional convenience and faster application time, thus increasing productivity. If you’re studying and learning self-application, then these are the tools you might need that will come in handy.

  1. Eyelash Extension Primer

An eyelash extension primer can be used on your eyelashes for various reasons. It usually comes after cleaning your natural lashes and strips them of oil, dirt, and any other residue; offers the ideal pH level when bonding eyelash extensions together; helps in retaining the extensions, and keeps the glue’s adherence in tip-top shape. Any foreign elements on the natural lash might prevent the glue from completely adhering to the lash. Applying an eyelash extension primer is a crucial step when having eyelash extensions.

  1. Hooked Tweezers

You can’t correctly apply extensions without the perfect hooked tweezers. Make sure your tweezers are designed to be lightweight and balanced with a precision tapered tip that is firm and curved. The right tweezers will have a comfortable grip in your hand and have a loose camber to lessen hand fatigue when working and holding lash extensions safely. These tweezers can be used for a good all-rounder and classic lash techniques.

  1. Ceramic Sharpening Stone

With long-time use of tweezers, their tips will inevitably wear off. Having a ceramic sharpening stone will keep, not only your tweezers but all your tools working sharp and new! Sharpening stones are designed to reshape, sharpen, file, and remove all the brogues from your tools. It’s quite convenient since it can be used dry without the use of liquids. These stones are exquisitely durable and have medium grit.

eyelash extension primer

  1. Nano Mister

Nano misters are small, handheld, mechanical sprays that expel a mist of water. These are typically used after the eyelash extensions have been applied and glued to the natural lashes. Like an eyelash extension primer that complements cleansing and adhesion, nano misters also assist in effectively strengthening the adhesive by accelerating the dry time of the glue within a matter of seconds. This cloud-like mist cures adhesives and also works on preventing known eye irritations and sensitivities. They are also readily built with rechargeable batteries.

  1. Eyelash Extension Glue

From its name, eyelash extensions glues are used to bond the artificial eyelashes to the natural ones. There are two kinds of eyelash extension glues:

  • Low-Simulation Type

This is recommended for those who are sensitive to eye irritations. Because it has a slower drying speed and decreased viscosity, there is also less potential for irritation and intense aromas.

  • Quick-Dry Type

Technicians who consider a person’s physique and is also not sensitive to irritations, the quick-dry type is the glue to choose. Most of these types dry within a few seconds to prevent the lash extensions from falling quickly.

Eyelash extension application is not easy. But with the appropriate tools, you will have an easier time in the application process. This will give you the best experience and fill you with satisfaction, so make sure to buy the tools suited for you.