Weddings are celebrations of epic proportions- this statement can have a literal meaning or it can also be figurative. The bottom line is that marriages and weddings are that important. It’s a new chapter, the start of a different life. Those who get married are lucky to be able to experience this in their lives.

Because of the big change you can expect from the whole thing, saying goodbye to the life you’re used to is just as special. Bridal showers and stag do parties are a must in every pre-wedding celebration. And friends should do their best to plan everything properly. If you’re currently given the huge responsibility of organizing a stag party, it means there are a lot of things you need to plan. Feeling pressured and unsure of what to do? Try out the ideas below or use them and put a fun twist of your own.

Custom t-shirts and coordinated outfits

While this is entirely optional, don’t you think the whole event would become more memorable if you have the right outfits to match? The options range from complete suits to simple but hilarious stag t shirts. Options vary and would highly depend on what you prefer. The most important thing is to make sure that everyone in the group agrees to wear it properly.

Go on an adventure

Adventure, as a term, can be subjective. The people who are often part of the groom’s entourage are tight-knit friends who share the same hobbies and likes. It can be intense and extreme adventures or it can also be a laid-back camping excursion. If you guys want to have a different experience and if you want to try something out of your comfort zone, the stag party is the perfect time for that. 

Watch a match

Guys and their favorite sports, it’s always the best combination. Many friendships were born, and sometimes torn, because of sports. Many people bond over their favorite games and teams. What better way to start the party by attending one of the best matches of the season. The tricky part about choosing this is timing. The wedding should at least be done at a time when matches are going on. 

Detach from the world

Almost everyone has become dependent on the internet and everything that comes with it. While the whole thing is imperative for development, at times, it’s important to take a step back to see important things. This stag party can also be a good chance to get away from the hecticness of it all. 

Asylum or Haunted House visit

If you’re up for something entirely different, this might be a good choice. It’s not very common and it’s also loads of fun. Imagine all the laughs you guys would have right after all the scares. When it comes to famous haunted attractions and asylums, several places that stand out. Challenge yourself differently.