Swiss watches

Sometimes, men wear outfits that can be a little too simple, or even a little too bland. This fashion issue is especially more common in summer when the stylistic possibilities are limited.This is when the accessories for men become more than a necessity. Watches, belts, ties, socks, etc.,here’s how to choose and to wear them correctly in order to enhance your look.

A Wrist Watch: the Must!

This timeless accessory can affect thebeauty and the harmony of your outfit. As a matter of fact, it can perfect your look orcompletely ruin it. Clearly, your watch must be chosen carefully. Otherwise, it is better not to wear any! It should affirm your personality and beyond the notions of good or bad taste, you must love it. It’s a bit like choosing a perfume: it should not be a simple “must-have” item to be put on your wrist to complete your outfit. It must fit into your look as if it were part of you.Of course, Swiss watches are the best if you want quality and a touch of elegance.

Swiss watches

How to Choose the Best Belts?

First of all, every man always needs a belt for each occasion. There are different kinds of belts on the market, made of in various materials. But in general, we can divide them in two categories: casual and formal ones.Anyway, you must focus on some key points suchas the material, the design and the quality of the finishes before choosing the perfect belt for you. In a casual context, you can easily choose the material and the design you like. For example, you can opt for a sophisticated finish like a braiding leather with an original belt buckle. On the other hand, for a more formal style, black or brownsmooth leather remains king.The buckle should be discreet and classy.

Pick the Right Tie

Tie is the ultimate men’s accessory. Know that the perfect tie does not exist. Your choice will depend on the context (wedding, funeral, brunch with friends, etc.), your personality and your taste.However, some sneaky mistakes are to be avoided at all costs: Christmas motifs, logos, etc. The interest of a tie is to sublimate your style, to create a play of colors and materials with all the pieces of your outfit. In terms of materials, smooth silk suits professional environmentsas well asevery occasion thatrequires a certain discretion.

How to Choose your Socks?

Socks are to be chosen according to the dress code, the occasion, the season, the activity that you have to practice and especially your mood! But whatever your choice, always focus on comfort above all. Do not forget that you will wear these accessories closer to your skin for a large part of the day.