The minimalist trend came into fashion a couple of years ago and seems to be lasting.  Due to their simple emphasis and classic designs, the minimalist trend is timeless and fits everyone’s style regardless of their age.

Ethical and affordable will rarely go hand in hand, especially when talking about minimalist clothing, as they lean a little bit on the expensive side. This is mostly because they are made of recycled fabric.

However, there are a number of ethical and affordable brands that will definitely match your style and wallet.

Here are some of the fashion brands that are acing it in minimalist fashion:

Louis Vuitton

With their wide range of products starting from the Louis Vuitton bags to clothing, the brand has impressed both fans and critics. It is mostly the lavish construction and subtle tweaks that have made Louis Vuitton a reputable minimalist fashion brand.

This brand understands very well that fabric is the key to a customer’s heart. Louis Vuitton replete all of its products with subtle details such as leather straps, carabiner attachments and LV branded buttons.

Subtle yet classic in their appearance.

Mijeong Park

Mijeong Park is a Los Angeles based label offering simple and sophisticated pieces. Their extensive collection ranges from oversized blouses and sweaters to suit separates. The brand was initially known as Archo.

It was founded in 2015 by a Korean-American designer by the name Mijeong Park.

Mijeong Park’s items can be easily styled to suit every occasion. The outfits can be worn during weekdays and weekends as well.

This is mostly due to its neutral colour palette and clean tailoring. You are likely to have Mijeong Park outfits in your wardrobe season after season due to their timelessness.

Magali Pascal

Represented by its simple silhouettes, understated prints and muted colours, Magali Pascal is a French-inspired brand. Unlike most designers providing solid coloured items made of simple fabric, the brand is well known for making its products from silk and lace.

Magali Pascal’s loosely fitted blouses, dresses, pants and skirts will give you an Instagram inspired kind of look.

Their season-less lace dress goes well with sock boots or sandals and can be worn at any time of the year.


Unlike its fast-fashion sister store, H&M, COS offers durable, timeless basics. Their designs are simple but well-constructed to make them long-lasting. It is due to this reputation that COS has become the brand group’s lifeline.

Most customers go for fewer but high-quality products, making H&M struggle to resonate with their shoppers.

COS items are appropriate for many occasions. If you are a fan of work-to-weekend or casual-clothing, then you will have much fun with the COS line.

Some people do not like to give a “trying too hard” kind of look. COS products will give you an elegant, easygoing look. You will definitely fall for their modern yet high-quality clothes.


You are likely to see the Lunya Label on several influencers on Instagram. Lunya is a luxury label based in Santa Monica. The brand creates its products from sustainably sourced items and fabrics, making the outfits ideal for lounging around indoors and sleeping.

Lunya supplies their products directly to their customers, making their items available at very reasonable prices.

Lunya’s items come in a variety of neutral tones. They are made to loosely fit customers, with a focus of providing them with the maximum comfort possible.

If not too baggy, you can incorporate the pieces into your everyday life. A  jumpsuit with a pair of sandals or sneakers will give you a casual, comfortable yet girly look