Victoria Barbara

Several years ago, students were recognized by their oversized T-shirts and a pair of faded jeans. This trend continues, and the financial condition of most students, as well as their student loans, make it hard for them to buy the latest fashion items they wish to wear. However, even if you have a limited budget, there are ways via which you can afford fashion and look stylish on the campus making heads turn- now the question is how?

Victoria Barbara Montalvo – Look cool on the campus without burning a hole in your pocket

Victoria Barbara Montalvo is a popular fashion blogger known for her street style and high-end fashion line. She says when it comes to college and fashion, there are ways via which you can look cool in a budget. She says the first rule for students is to dress right. There is no point in wearing a business outfit over a pair of jeans when you are attending a special lecture or workshop at college. In fact, you should dress casually and healthy when it comes to college campuses and lectures. The trick here is to invest in clothes that boost your personality and image successfully. In this way, you are able to create your own personal style!

Victoria Barbara

Choose a new outfit every day from your old closet

Most students face the dilemma of what to wear to the following day’s lecture in college. It is here you should be aware of what you like. Take a look at the brands you like in magazines or online blogs and choose the clothes you like the most. You do not have to follow mass brands to get the clothes you really like. Take your time and consider what you look good in and like. She says the smart thing for you to do is to invent your own fashion style and be different. Check out celebrities and see how they influence the fashion world with their unique style. If they can do it, so can you!

Use your old clothes to create your personal style statement

Yes, you can always use your old clothes to create your personal style statement. All you need to do is shortlist the clothes that you wore last year and wear them right. There are fashion shops that offer discounts to college students selling high-quality items. You can even buy stylish winter wear from them as well. These clothes are affordable, comfortable, and trendy.

Victoria Barbara Montalvo says as a college student; you should not ignore sneakers and jeans. They are one of the hottest fashion trends for 2020. Moreover, you can flaunt them at college dorms, parties, charitable events, or even sit through a whole lecture. Jeans and sneakers are a balanced dose of healthy and chic at the same time. This year sneakers are available in trendy colors and shapes. You can even design your own sneakers with art for a unique twist. Just be sure that the pair you choose blends in well with your outfits so that you look intelligently cool on the campus with confidence!