Tops semipermanentes

Your nails are the extension of yourself just like your hair. With this, it is important that you maintain it regularly by going to the salon. The good news is you do not always need to rush to the salon. It is high time that you understand Tops semipermanentes.

What is semi-permanent manicure?

Semi-permanent polish describes getting nails enameled with a different range of products. This is a far outcry from the traditional false nails that are fastened with stickers. Semi-permanent enamels feature durability and long-lasting elegance to the user.

Aside from the durability and long-lasting elegance, semi-permanent enamels will also give the nails a natural look. At the end of the day, this is an ideal solution for those who are passionate about decorating nails.

What is the process of semi-permanent manicure?

Semi-permanent manicure is almost similar to the traditional manicure in terms of preparing the nail – the specialist will file, cut and apply cuticle remover. The only difference is the use of UV light along the way.

In a semi-permanent manicure, there is a different type of base, polish and gloss utilised. It will dry in a few seconds under the LED lamp’s UV light. The enamel used will give the best results especially when used in a gel base. This should be carried out by professionals or nail specialists.

What are the advantages of semi-permanent manicure?

It is time to look closely to the advantages of a semi-permanent manicure. Here are the advantages of semi-permanent manicure:
• Appearance: the appearance of a semi-permanent manicure is better than traditional

polish – it makes the nails look brighter. Aside from that, the color will stay intact. This type of manicure is considered versatile because you can resort to various polishes like glow-in-the-dark neon, iron shine, temp colors and many more.
• Resistance: as mentioned earlier, semi-permanent manicure provides enough resistance so it can last for how many days. With gel polish, it can last anywhere from 15 days to 21 days. This is considered the best alternative for those who are constantly traveling.
• Drying: with the help of UV light, drying is almost immediate, unlike the traditional manicure. This will get rid of the idleness for several minutes while waiting for the polish to dry.

Tops semipermanentes

What are the disadvantages of semi-permanent manicure?

Before you indulge, it is crucial that you know what you signed up for. Here are the disadvantages of semi-permanent manicure:
• Nail type: there is no doubt that semi-permanent manicure is ideal but there are

some who have weaker nails. For these people, semi-permanent manicure may not be as effective.
• Removal: when you look at it closely, the semi-permanent polish is difficult to remove compared to the traditional polish. To get rid of the polish, it will need a special nail remover. It will not stop there because it also needs aluminum paper. Basically, the process of removing semi-permanent polish is not as straightforward as traditional removal.

Final words

At the end of the day, you should consider semi-permanent manicure because it can prolong the duration of polish, which will not harm the natural nail. It will not also weaken it. More importantly, a semi-permanent manicure is cheaper compared to acrylic nails.