There are a lot of things that require you to buy gifts, the most difficult thing to chose for is your girlfriend’s birthday. And it is even more difficult to choose if it’s the first birthday after the relationship started as there is not much that you know about her. Some people might just guess on getting a heart necklace girlfriend birthday gift is usually not expected to be something they like all the time. Sometimes, things that just portrays the love that the two of them share is also a good present. So, getting a heart-shaped necklace or an earring is a gift that portrays the love and also is a gift every girl will love. But with so many people buying heart-shaped necklaces and earrings, it is not an easy task to find something very special. Here’s a list of variations in heart-shaped necklaces to look for.

1. Shiny stones – A necklace with an open pendant is easy to find, but looking for an open-heart necklace girlfriend birthday gifts top choice will be to look for an open-heart necklace with diamond or other precious stones in the center. It might be costly but it will surely win over the heart of your girlfriend again.

2. Locket – A necklace with a heart-shaped pendant is good, what if it is a locket? Getting your girlfriend, a heart-shaped locket with a picture she holds close to her heart is the best way to win her heart. It is easy to find one in many colours, but getting the one your girlfriend will like the most is up to you.

3. Simple heart – A simple heart might work with a low maintenance girlfriend, but gold or white gold simple heart necklace cut with precision is good for any girl. So, a simple heart necklace girlfriend birthday gift is a good choice if you can find the right moment to deliver it.

4. Ring holder necklace – When a simple necklace doesn’t satisfy the girl’s taste, a ring holder necklace can be a good option to think of. If wearing a ring you got her all the time is a problem, getting a matching ring holder necklace ensures that she has the ring on her all the time.

These are a few designs that might impress your girlfriend on her birthday and earn you a lot of boyfriend points and take the relationship to the next level.