Latest trends in filigree handmade jewellery that one must look for

Handmade jewellery is the current rage in the industry. Many people can be seen flaunting one or the other piece. They have gained popularity because each piece is unique and is specifically crafted for the owner. It is crafted by love of locals who are experts and also by buying them you support a tradition that would be lost.

Filigree handmade jewellery pieces that you must own

Filigree is one design that has been seen making rounds for long and is there to stay. Though the design has a look of being delicate but it is quite sturdy and robust. One piece which you can pass along generations. Some intricate and exotic pieces of filigree handmade jewellery that you must own, and will raise your fashion bar to different level are:

handmade jewellery

  • Captivating Filigree Earrings:Filigree Earrings can be found in silver to gold plated options as well. The designs varies from danglers, hook to studs as well. Depending on the occasion and the style you want to flaunt you can get these.
  • Tempting Filigree Pendants: Pendants are always the best jewellery pieces as they can go with both traditional and modern look. The delicate designs that one gets in these can add a new oomph to your dress.
  • Hypnotic Filigree Rings: One jewellery piece that adds the glitter to your hands and increase the fashion statement to different level is filigree rings. You can get multiple smaller pieces or one big statement piece depending on your choice. The range is limitless.
  • Cuff bangles: Your dress is incomplete without a cuff bangle. Whatever is the occasion be it formal or casual, you can flaunt cuff bangles with almost every dress.
  • Captivating Filigree Bracelet: Bracelets have always been a weakness for women. There is nothing that can add glamour to your look like a beautiful bracelet on your hands. You will find multiple designs in filigree to accentuate your look.

You can find plethora of options forauthentic and trustworthy pieces online as well. Before you get excited and start purchasing verify the credibility of the website. Filigree is made generally of sterling silver and is now available in gold plated options as well. It is a precious piece which is timeless and a must-have possession for each woman. Filigree is handmade jewellery which increases its value to a different level. The amount of intricacy one can see in the designs will always tell a story about how someone hand put in his eyes and soul into the piece to make it look so beautiful and mesmerising. So, why wait just reach out and buy this beautiful piece for your collection.