Androgyny reigned supreme on the S/S 2020 Fashion Week catwalks, with traditional ideas of what constitutes male and female styles flipped on their head.

Break the gender boundaries

You can break the boundaries of gender in fashion in the same way as the major designers. If you would rather make a quieter statement, take a look at the other men’s trends that made an appearance.

Designers such as Givenchy and Versace sent male models down their catwalks with handbags and carry cases of various sizes. If a clutch bag is not your thing, you can hint at the gender fluidity trend with pieces such as Farah shirts, adding a touch of femininity with shades of pink or patterns such as hearts and flowers.

The traditionally feminine pink featured heavily, with Paul Smith and Louis Vuitton featuring head-to-toe looks in shades from bold fuchsia to soft and subtle baby pink.

Men’s 2020 trends

If you like to keep your style simple but still on point, take a look at some of the more subtle nods to the trends for spring/summer 2020. GQ magazine highlights several looks in its list of spring/summer 2020 trends for men.

Take the traditionally 19th century Oxford shirt and size up. Designers such as Liam Hodges, Prada and Chalayan demonstrated the preppy Oxford shirt on their S/S 2020 catwalks, but this time larger than life. To achieve this look, choose a size larger than your regular one.

Coordinates were a significant trend; for example, you could match your shirt to your trousers as seen from Edward Crutchley, Charles Jeffrey, E Tautz and Liam Hodges at their S/S 2020 shows. Don a shirt and trousers in the same colour, pattern or material to bring this look to life.

Autumnal hues in spring were demonstrated by Armani and Ralph Lauren. Simply use the colours you would find in nature during October to hit the nail on the style head in March! As an example, you could easily pick this trend up with autumnal-toned Farah shirts in rust, maroon or mustard to make this work for your wardrobe.

Throw away the rule books that state who can wear what in 2020 and display your feminine side with these gender-bending trends. Alternatively, take the more minimalist approach with subtle hints to spring/summer 2020 menswear trends. You can break the boundaries of gender in fashion within the same approach because the major designers. If you’d rather build a quieter statement, take a glance at the opposite men’s trends that created AN look. Designers like Givenchy and designer sent male models down their catwalks with purses and carry cases of assorted sizes. Instead, take the additional minimalist approach with refined hints to spring/summer 2020 menswear trends.