It’s not just the bride who must be on top of the day. The groom also has a say, and the choice of his suit is not an easy task. Here are our tips for these gentlemen are found in the choice of their costume.

Respect the style of your wedding

The first thing to consider in choosing the wedding suit is the style of your wedding.

For a formal wedding at the church in the strictest standards of tradition, you will opt for a three-piece suit with jacket or frock coat, pants and vest. Pay special attention to the cuff links, tie pin or the buttonhole of the future groom.

For a more casual civil wedding, choose a tuxedo with a jacket, pants and vest, and a colored tie that is reminiscent of your wedding dress, bouquet or theme.

Remember that your costume will have to match the future bride’s dress. If it cannot reveal its characteristics, let yourself advise on the choice of your costume by a close friend who has seen the dress.


Set your budget to know which sign to visit

Three possibilities are available to you for the choice of your groom suits.The first, and undoubtedly the most common and economical, lies in the choice of a ready-to-wear suit. So you can choose a suit already ready in your favorite store, you only have to decide on the shape, the material and the color, and there is something for every budget.

  • However, take into account the fact that it will be a cut and a standard size, it is rare that this kind of costume fits you like a glove, and since it will have to be the case for the big day it will have to be touched up. If your morphology out of standard make fitting a real puzzle, then the best will be to opt for a tailor-made suit.
  • A costume designed from A to Z by a tailor according to your physical characteristics will suit you perfectly. If your budget is limited, go for a half measure: your tailor will resume an already existing pattern, which will be retouched to fit your own measurements.
  • If, like madam, you demand a 100% unique costume for the occasion, your choice will be on the big measure, or in other words, a luxury suit created from a unique pattern based on your physique.

The choice of colors for your tie, buttonhole and even socks should not be left to chance either! The accessories as a whole, watch, cufflinks, belt, suspenders and shoes must have some unity between them and be consistent with the entire wedding.

Highlight yourself

If you are not used to wearing the costume, you probably have trouble imagining yourself with and finding yourself in the many trends. So remember that what matters is that you are comfortable and proud of your costume.

Customize your outfit

Choose one or two accessories that reveal your personality and make your costume unique and to your image. Original buttons, embroidery with your initials on the lapel of the collar, watch express the elegance that is in you, you will only seduce your future wife!