Nanshy is proud to introduce a synthetic nylon brush specially designed to be safe to use- the Vegan Makeup Brushes. Nanshy provides 100% professional-grade quality Vegan items just like all of the first-rate makeup accessories.

Reasons Why Choose Nanshy Vegan Makeup 

  1. Vegan brushes are fluffy, safe, and friendly on the skin – Nanshy Vegan makeup brushes are all hypoallergenic and do not cause irritation regardless of your skin type because it is friendly on the skin. These brushes were designed to be soft and fluffy because having sensitive skin used to be a problem when applying makeup but this is not the case anymore.
  2. Vegan brushes are more affordable – vegan brushes made by Nanshy are affordable aside from being durable compared to animal brushes. The brushes do not get damaged easily despite their affordable price.
  3. Are made with the help of the latest technologies – the brushes have finer bristles since the latest technologies helped in manufacturing them. Users can expect them to be firm, smooth, and less rough on the skin since professionals made them.
  4. Much easier to clean – the task is effective not only is it almost effortless and cleaning vegan brushes by Nanshy is a breeze. After using them to apply makeup, you can clean the synthetic brushes in less than five minutes by just rinsing and leaving them to dry.


The Harsh Truth About Animal Testing That Nanshy Knows 

At Nanshy, cosmetic manufacturing organizations all over the world are obligated to do at least fifty experiments and are aware of the harsh truth that before passing approval. Others could not care less about their subjects and focus on the primary objective while some treat them with who conducted animal testing were hardly mindful of the brutal procedures. Operations were banned in certain countries including Israel, India, and Norway due to their insistence. Among other places, China has the excruciating tests on animals are ongoing where it the cosmetic business is a billion-dollar industry. Animals are as yet being subjected to the use of harmful toxic chemicals on their skin and forcibly feeding of deadly measurements of synthetic compounds.

Why Should You Choose Nanshy Vegan Makeup brushes? 

Vegan brushes made by Nanshy are much better and are on top of the game on the contrary to the false assumption that the quality of synthetic nylon brushes could not compare to that of natural animal brushes. Vegan makeup brushes are just what you need and want your brushes to be because they are firm, long-lasting, and soft that many customers have testified how pleased they are with synthetic brushes.