Skincare is considered to be one of the ideal supports to once skin integrity which enchases its appearance and enhances the skin conditions. At Clarins skin care is the considered to be in the priority which manufactures and sell products related to skin care and cosmetic as wells as perfumes related to all types of skins.

Background of Skin care:

The skin care is an interface of all cosmetics and the dermatological conditions of the skin. In skin care the major factor involved is modifications of the individual skin related to the environmental and working conditions of the individual.At Clarins all these factors are considered before going ahead with any skin care therapy.

Various kinds of skin care practiced:

The skin care hong kong as a universal system which is followed world wide following are the some of the procedure followed.


At the skin care hong kong has a specific importance in sun protection as the ultra violet radiation in the sun rays cause various damages to the skin and the some times cancers too. The uv exposure causes patches on the skin or burns on the skin for some it causes reduce in elasticity and makes the skin sagged and more wrinkle to be formed. To avoid this sun screen protection is very much required in skin care the sunscreen should and must be applied in all parts of the body to avoid problems to the skin mostly to limbs, chest,back, face and other parts of the body. Sun screens come in the form of gels,lotions, creams some of the sun screens suit to all types of the skins.

Elderly Skins:

The more direct exposure causes more vulnerability and skin ageing. Skin problems do occur due to ageing and it is common as the age onsets but sunscreens can cause the effect to be decreased by constant applying. The skin dryness can be decreased by applying moisturizers and humectants which help in reduction of the skin injuries. Some times some soaps, oil soaks, lotions also help the process to repair.


The acne is the major problems in the skin care they can   occur due to age,some times here ditary,hormones,environment, food which a person takes,menstruation, emotional stress, anxiety. They can be prevented by some kinds of creams andointments and by constant maintenance of the skin.

Summing up:

Skin care is considered to be the most aspect for healthy skin. Skin care helps an individual to over come lots of skin related diseases and sometime ageing. Skin care can maintenance in good condition by good sunscreen and lotions. Skin care is important as it will help to avoid skin cancers and skins diseases overall.