Today, technological advancements allow us to construct these magnificent works of nature above the earth’s surface. Every lady fantasizes about getting the tiny box with a diamond ring at least once in her life, but at what cost does it come? At Princess Gem, one can find the best and affordable diamond rings singapore to make the occasion special.

Conflict diamonds (blood diamonds) are costly for merchants to profit from them. They are also immoral since they result from forced child labor, unsafelabor practices, and environmental destruction all over the globe and thus should not be sold.

Set the budget and get the best deal

Because an engagement ring is only purchased once in a lifetime, it is very distinctive and meaningful for both the buyer and the ring’s recipient. The reality is that an engagement ring budget is very subjective, with no set guidelines but rather a wide range of expectations. First and foremost, you should establish a budget, after which you should examine her style, taste, and personality.

Princess Gem uses expert artisans with decades of combined experience in the diamond business to create each gem, precisely cut it, and carefully polish it. Every precaution is taken to guarantee that our lab-grown stones have the brightness of a classic diamond, are graded according to the fourc’s, and pass the diamond test, ensuring that you will have the dazzling engagement ring of your dreams.

The diamond will almost certainly account for the majority of the total cost of the ring. Acquiring a thorough understanding of the four Cs will guarantee that you make an educated choice.The setting, also known as the head, is the ring component that keeps the diamond in place. It is custom-made to suit the size and shape of the diamond that you choose from our selection. The two most common kinds of settings are prong settings and bezel settings. When it comes to round diamonds, you will have a choice between four and six-prong sets. A four-prong location reveals a little more diamond, while a six-prong setting provides a small benefit in terms of security.

The band, also known as the engagement ring setting, is available in various styles ranging from the traditional solitaire to diamond-encrusted designs and everything in between. Platinum, 14k white or yellow gold, 18k white or yellow gold, and 14k white or yellow gold are the metals you may choose from. In addition to two-tone engagement rings, specific engagement settings are also available in gold.


Princess Gem distinguishes itself from other diamond dealers by offering diamonds at an affordable price. Spend your money on experiences rather than tangible possessions. Every diamond, much like every human fingerprint, has its own distinct DNA. In the diamond industry, the 4Cs – color, clarity, cut, and carat weight – are a set of internationally recognized criteria used to assess quality and pricing. Find the ideal diamonds for the lady in your life, whether you’re looking for cheap wedding jewelry or the perfect engagement ring. Browse the selection of diamonds now.