The beauty industry is evolving since ages which new products and techniques hitting the markets. The market is getting massive. There are indefinite companies old or new in the market all with different variety of products. There is a new trend which could be seen i.e. of celebrities bringing their own line of beauty products and cosmetics. There are companies working and trying to create a niche by their products apart from the cosmetics. There is a fierce competition in the cosmetic industry with all segments from luxury or premium segments and to standard segments. They need to keep up with the game and bring in new and unique products along with the uniqueness of the product the quality of the products are very important for its success along with the pricing, packaging and branding.

Products and Use

There are varieties of beauty treatments that have made their way up in the industry. There many products to enhance the features of the fake hair extensions, they are so real and cane easily be attached to the scalp and are available in different haircuts and hair colors, fake lash extensions are also available in market which makes the eyebrow fuller and voluminous. There are two types of extensions the ones which can be applied and then stripped off after the use. There is another type of lash extension done which are kind of semi permanent lashes that are glued on the top of the natural eyelashes of the person. This is different from the stripped eyelashes as the strip eyelashes are temporary whereas, this fake extension does not come off easily. These lash extensions can be customized and can also they look real. The semi permanent extensions if taken good care of can last for 8 weeks as well and they fall like natural lashes fall. One can go back fill in the spaces. This way one can always maintain the fake extensions.  The studies does not show any strong evidence as to the uses of the extensions may lead to damage of the natural eyelashes.  These facilities can be super comfortable for people who feel lazy to dress up and have make up one and for ones who does not have thick lashes it can be of great use, especially for people working the media and show bizz business. It is not specific to people working in those industry But women or in fact men in general can get these extensions done.


There can be judgment around it as some people may feel why would one needs to get and done artificial stuff. But basically using of such products and services depends on person to person and is totally an individual’s own view about themselves. Some may have views against it and believes in natural way. And there may be another section of people which may feel very positive and confident about themselves after using the products. But there is always no harm in trying it once and them drawing a conclusion about it.