Eyelash Extension Supplies

Using extension lashes means you need to have enough supplies to take care of those extensions. You also need supplies to make sure it stays on the whole time you’re using it. For that, you have Stacy Lash for these supplies. We have all the necessary items for you to make luxurious eyelash. Here, you can find all the tools that you need to reach the highest quality of work at a reasonable price for your eyelash extension needs.

You do not have to search for any other store since all the products collected on Stacy Lash are the industry’s top solutions affordable for purchase at any time of the season. If you need lashes or some tools to complete the whole lash journey, Stacy Lash is the right choice for that. We have everything you need for your business from mink lashes, glues, adhesives, primers, tweezers, growth serum, and more.

Mink eyelash extensions from here https://stacylash.com/mink-eyelash/ always offer a dramatic, unique and bold look. Its has a deep black color and slight gloss which will not  leave you unnoticed. If your biggest concern that minks were harmed during the collection of their hair then fear no more. All our mink eyelash extensions are faux so there are no animals were harmed in the making of our products.

Every client wants to look beautiful in the most natural way possible. This type of eyelash extensions is the most natural looking among others. Not only with its resulting feature but it’s in the way it was made.  Plus, you get more than what you are paying for.

Each pack has 20 rows of faux mink lashes of the same length. The mink lashes are made from PBT quality material. This kind of quality creates both classic and glamorous look through the volume that it can create with your lashes.

They are very easy to separate from each other and easy to work with overall. In this case, you wouldn’t have any trouble getting the lashes individually. No stickiness and no worries on any bunch when they are being putting to the side.

All Stacy Lash lashes have a nice degree of thickness to fit your every customer. We check each batch before selling it so all our customers have a nice experience with us. But if something happens because of us, we are open to talk it out and see what we can do for you.