This the season for gift giving, putting a smile on your loved one’s faces, and also sharing moments together for heart-warming holidays in the cold temperatures. Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Your man, your soulmate, or even your father or brother, is one of the most important people on your Christmas list, and it’s time to get them the gifts of their lifetime.

Ditch the good old reliables such as house shoes, boxers, dress shirts this holiday season; level up and really wow them. Check out this holiday gift guide with a few of the hottest gifts for him. They’ll unwrap a whole bunch of happiness when it’s time.


Just think of the everyday life of a man; music really consumes them. They’re listening to their favourite jams on the morning commute, they’re banging that new playlist on chest day at the gym, and they’re even turning up in the office while they work on their newest project. One glaring item that makes all of these scenarios possible are headphones. Headphones are a go-to for men, especially around the holidays. Men are steadily losing their headphones given their size and the nature of just being careless; headphones also experience malfunctions – leaving men to come out of their pockets to replace something they care so dearly about. Do them a solid this season and purchase them a pair. Apple is changing the game, per usual, with innovative headphone technologies like the new Airpords. These specific headphones are trendy, but they’re perfect for someone who uses headphones for phone calls and to listen to music. Dre Beats is another amazing option as well.   a lineup of technology is extensive and favours swagger and the inner athlete. Overall, men will have a smile from ear to ear when they tear the gift wrap to some fresh new headphones.


Gift cards are common gifts around the holiday season but one on the unconventional side is a Lyft or Uber gift card. TELL ME MORE!! Ok, well you know how us humans ride Ubers or Lyft’s nearly every single day and pay for it with our own money? A gift card would eliminate that. The men in your life would be able to take their ride to the gym, work, or a night out on the town and use their gift card to pay for it. If the men in your life are more practical and don’t really care for all the glamour and glitz then these gift cards are perfect for them. It’s something they need and something they’ll always use as long as the funds are available on it.


While some might say wallets would fall into that sector of basic presents for the holidays, but we highly disagree. Every man needs a wallet and with the wear and tear that wallets experience on a daily basis, they need new ones often. Wallets range in style, size, and purpose. Some are big with many card slots to fill, some are small to fit pockets of all sizes, and some have a swagtastic vibe to complement the complete swagger of a man and his other wearables. Many companies offer a wide variety of wallets, ranging in prices, colour, fabric, and size. One of the best choices among the available options of gifts for him is a credit card wallet, which is enough to stuff your license and entire credit and debit card collection, and which is sleek, smaller, stylish, and comes in a whole spectrum of colours.


What are those?! – as the kids say these days when it comes to sneakers that are bad. Eliminate the men in your life from those conversations by buying them a fresh pair of kicks that will have all the people walking past looking down at their feet wondering what are those in a good way. When it comes to footwear, the variety is insurmountable. Depending on the vibe the men in your life latch onto, you can always visit shoe stores to pick up some. If they’re into basketball and lifestyle sneakers, there are stores like Footlocker, Finishline, Champs, Footaction, and DTLR. These stores are equipped with brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok, and depending on the date you may be able to snag a pair of the newest shoes that are raved about during the holiday season. If they’re not quite into that style of sneakers and into casual and dressy shoes, there are stores for those types too.

While the choices for men are plentiful, the items listed above are guaranteed to make some campers happy. So get out there and start shopping for those special men. Hope you have the most amazing holidays.