A Must NOT Have A Week Before The Wedding

Many brides-to-be make drastic decisions usually one week before their wedding. This may not be that scary, but in order not to make the same mistakes, you should be aware of these before it’s too late. There might be too many things running on your mind during this week and because of stress, you might be having impulse judgments.

Wedding makeup artist Toronto has shared many of their experiences when it comes to these changes that women make before their wedding. These decisions would be able to affect not only your look but the total package. The dress, the style, and all the works. So here are the most important things or activities that you should avoid days before your wedding date.

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The New Hair Color.

Changing your hair color should be done a few months before your wedding. This will give you time to weigh if this new look will be perfect for your wedding. But a week before the date is a huge mistake. Even if your hairstylist is the best in town. Remember that the hair color needs to oxidize. In a week, it may not be able to make it and the color might not be the one that you are aiming for.

Drastic Haircuts

Like hair coloring, haircuts should be done ahead of time. Where your hair would still be able to grow back in time. This is the reason why a drastic haircut may not be able to look right on your dress, your veil, and even on your jewelry. Make sure that you make these decisions ahead of time.

Alcoholic Drinks.

This may calm your nerves but make sure that you avoid this at least on your wedding night. Remember that alcohol can make you look puffy. If you want to look your best on your big day, just avoid anything that can compromise you. And remember that alcohol can disrupt your digestive system. You would not want to have a bad stomach on your wedding day. Nobody wants that.

Spray Tan Booths.

As hard as you try to look your best, you might want to get risky and try on some spray tans. This might be a cheaper and a more convenient way to achieve your tan, but remember that the color might not match your skin tone, because of possible tanning alternatives that are not legit.

Just always remember that a week or two before the wedding, avoid any drastic changes. Remember that these changes should be done months before the wedding, where you can still do something about it. Remember that you will be the star of the event, so keep calm. Be risky after the wedding. That is if you still want to!