A wedding is most of the time a onetime thing, it is a time where two people who love each other celebrate to start a new life together, it is a time where everyone close to them are invited and they all come happily to give their blessings and also give lots of gifts too. In the wedding it is really important for the family members to give speeches and show the bride and the broom their love towards them, especially the father of the bride as the bride is really close to the father and also will be she will be really happy to listen to her father so the Father of the bride speech is really important for the bride and her father. In a wedding speech you have to talk about all the good times and all the emotional times too, you should be able to connect to everyone and it should be very good that everybody should leave all the jobs and listen to you, the speech is a really important part of the wedding and you will love it totally, spreading happiness in a wedding is really important and you have to make sure you make everyone happy, the wedding is not just 2 people connecting but also two families two different cultures connecting in such a great way.

You as a father are have to speak out and express your love towards your daughter, you have to make a difference there telling about all the experiences you had with your daughter, the most important thing in life is that you show your love out to your daughter and let her know how much you mean to her and that will directly affect your daughter and she will always respect you no matter what, your daughter will always be your daughter unless you do not show her how important she is in your life, whenever you are going do this you will be very relieved to finally tell her everything which you never could say to her. 

What would be the difference made by the speech?

The difference made by Father of bride speech is the most important it will change the whole atmosphere if you give a good speech and the speech will really be effective to your daughter and also the broom too.