With the advent of the Internet, many people have discovered a lot of new information and opportunities. One of the privileges is online shopping with just a few clicks. So, for example, in the vastness of the Internet there are a lot of goods that are not widely distributed – since they appeared in our country relatively recently. The range of such products includes silicone finger rings.

Silicone ring on the finger – medical jewelry

Indeed, when you look at silicone rings, you understand that this is a kind of accessory that helps in the fight against excess weight. So, if you wear such a ring, say the developers and many clients who have tested it on themselves, then the appetite decreases, and therefore the extra centimeters and kilograms go nowhere.

In addition, they help their owners:

  •         relieve fatigue;
  •         get rid of stress;
  •         improve the functioning of the immune system;
  •         normalize the work of the heart;
  •         improve and normalize the arterial phenomenon;
  •         relieve fatigue and stressed condition;
  •         get rid of excess body fat;
  •         forever forget what insomnia is.

The action of the silicone ring is based on the fact that when you wear it, you massage certain points on your fingers with it. And as we know – on the hands of a person there are points responsible for parts of the body and internal organs. And this means that, thus, putting a ring on a certain finger, we achieve a certain result.

How to wear Engagement Rings Direct?

How to wear Engagement Rings Direct?

If you are worried that the operation of the ring is not durable, then here you need to firmly say that the material from which the ring is made fully meets sanitary standards. Represents a medical silicone that is resistant to the action of the external environment:

  •         absolutely frost-resistant and resistant to elevated temperatures;
  •         does not deform from wearing and is resistant to moisture and water;
  •         has good mechanical properties and is absolutely non-toxic;
  •         does not lose its appearance upon contact with chemicals – sodium carbonate, ethyl alcohol, acetone, copper sulfate, oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, ferric chloride, acetic acid, sodium chloride.

Depending on the problem area, the silicone rings can be worn on different fingers by men and women

Thus, if:

  •         your problem area is the face, and you want to correct it by removing excess fat deposits – you can wear a silicone product on your thumb;
  •         your problem area the hand – put it on your index finger;
  •         you would like to change the state of the waist for the better and get rid of extra pounds – you should put it on your ring finger;
  •         problematic area of ​​​​the stomach and waist area – wear the accessory on the middle finger;
  •         if you have extra centimeters on your hips – put the product on your little finger.

In addition, if your style does not allow you to wear Engagement Rings on your hands, specially designed silicone magnetic toe products are a great alternative. The action of such rings is also based on the ancient Chinese knowledge of acupressure. Rings tightly fit the toes, soft and do not create discomfort when worn. Can be worn with any shoes, as they are practically invisible (they have a white-transparent color).