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A dab pen, sometimes known as a wax pen, is a pen-style vaporizer for cannabis concentrates like wax and dabs.They are generally made up of a battery connected to a wax atomizer.The stronger striking ones employ heating coils, whilst the flavour-oriented ones use ceramic coil-less heating systems.Some of them are rechargeable using eGo chargers, while others are rechargeable via Micro-USB. Dab pens outperform dry herb atomizers in terms of efficiency. They also provide a significantly stronger punch and may be stored in between puffs.

The traditional method of dabbing is inconvenient. Dab pens make things easier. Dab rigs are no longer required to dab because of the advancements in vape pen technology. wax concentrate pen vapes evaporate concentrates in the same way that a dab rig does, but they are gentler on your throat and lungs. Also, after you understand how to use a dab pen, you may be surprised at how simple it can be.

Best Dab Pens


  • The Kandypens Crystal 2 has an all-quartz heating mechanism for smooth hits with ultra-crisp taste. It is made of medical-grade stainless steel and has an improved 1200 mAh battery. Sesh mode and four different voltage settings are also included. The equipment comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • The Linx Hypnos Zero is one of the first quality wax pen vaporizers on the market. It is a sleek and tiny wax concentrate pen vapes with a ceramic plate atomizer, four temperature settings, and a length of under 10 cm. The item is made of high-quality materials and comes with a one-year limited guarantee.
  • The Linx Ares has a revolutionary honey straw and ceramic rod mechanism that allows for easy loading. The Ares provides fast vaporisation and never wastes your dabs. It comes with a 750 mAh battery and is simple to remove and clean. The gadget is made of high-quality medical-grade components.
  • The taste of a dab rig is combined with the mobility of a dab pen in the Stinger Nectar Collector. Choose from four heat settings ranging from 550 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. The Stinger warms up in less than 5 seconds and delivers consistently delicious flavour. It has a small bubbler and an inbuilt battery that can last for up to 60 delectable dabs.
  • The Regen is an improvement on the famous Magneto. Its coils are interchangeable with the Yocan coil series, which includes single, double, and triple quartz coils. The battery life has been increased to 1100 mAh, and the power may be adjusted between 3.0 and 4.0 volts. It still has the traditional silicone storage section.