Each flower is unique, just like each human. Each of them symbolizes something different and holds some significance. Some flowers signify more than one emotion and carry different meanings. One example is everyone’s favourite peonies!

These flowers are very popular in Europe and North America, adorning every garden. Peonies travelled to Europe in the 1800s and were like an instant hit.

What does Peony symbolize? 

It was initially believed that digging up a peony would cast a curse on the place in Greece. But in China and Japan, it is considered as the crowded jewel among all the flowers. In Japan, peonies are a symbol of courage, bravery, and good fortune. Other than that, they symbolize love, prosperity, and honor.

Why are peonies’ bouquets popular? 

Peonies have been an instant hit in Europe. But the whole world is crazy over peonies now. Here are the reasons why peonies bouquet are so popular.

  1. Appearance – Peonies look like what people say an overblown rose. This makes them very gorgeous. Each flower seems like a work of art in itself with all the ruffled petals. Pink ones are especially adored all over the world.
  2. Seasonal blooms – Peonies bloom only from late October to mid-December. It makes them more special and the peonies bouquets more exclusive.
  3. Perfect for weddings – Peonies find their way to weddings in multiple forms. These include in the bride’s bouquet, the bridesmaid’s bouquets, table decorations, etc. For decorations, the ruffled petals and milk pink color go perfectly with most wedding themes.
  4. Mellow and beautiful fragrance – Fragrance depends on their color, variety, and the time of the day as well. It has a mellow and sweet scent with slight citrusy undertones. This is why peonies are used in beauty products because of their feminine fragrance.
  5. Excellent shelf life – Peonies are long-lasting and have an incredible shelf life. Further, due to high demand and limited supply periods, they are very expensive. This is yet another reason why they are so beloved.

Flowers add beauty to life. For some, they are a way of life itself. Peonies are very popular and are adored all over the world. Their ruffled petals and sweet buds can make anyone happy on a gloomy day. This is the reason why they are excellent for gifting. Whatever the occasion might be, a bouquet of peonies can never go wrong and will light up the receiver’s day.