Desk Easel

Desk calendars are an incredibly popular promotional product. The desk easel calendars provide a professional and cost effective solution to your marketing needs. They print desk calendar stands with the high end materials that meet your marketing objectives and monthly marketing budget. Desk calendars can be used as year-round promotional products at office environments, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, churches, libraries etc.


Desk easel calendar built from sturdy plastic material will hold up well in all types of promotional environments. When designing the desk easels, they make sure every part fits neatly into the shape of a stack of paper for easy transportation and storage.

Desk Easel

How to use it?

The desktop display is meant to stand on desks, tables or any other flat surface available using plastic clips to keep it firmly in place without scratching or damaging the surface.

It will hold a single sheet of paper on one side and double sheets on the reverse side. Easel enhances your brand visibility every day while providing an effective solution to capture your call to action with clients or customers.

Desk easel calendar is great for displaying at home or in the office, you can use it as a year round promotional product for special events, holidays, birthdays etc.


The desk calendar stand is available in 4 stock shapes: rectangle, c-shape, oval and hexagon which makes them suitable for any environment including rounded corners that provide easy flipping of pages without tearing the paper. They offer more than 50+ stock designs that are also customizable with special corporate logos & graphics representing your business at all times of the year.


Desk easels come in many different sizes. Some are pocket sized so you can carry them around with ease or keep them on your desk to glance at while working on another project. Others are decorated with special patterns that match the current season. Many also include preprinted holidays, an ideal way to ensure you never forget a holiday celebration again.

Desk calendar stands are a great marketing tool for schools, libraries, offices and homes alike. Desk calendars with easel backs are sturdy and stack well making them ideal promotional products to be used by businesses from different industries from insurance companies to real estate agencies.

The desk easel calendar is a simple yet effective way to promote your company at less cost than traditional printing methods such as business cards or brochures. Easel calendars can also be used as a year round promotional product that will provide a physical presence in the environment where you choose to place it, leaving your brand message visible every day of the year.