Buy The Best And Premium Quality Kids Study Desk

The ultimate kids study desk that grows with your child. They know the importance of good posture when we are young. An ergonomic and elegant learning table for children creates a perfect and comfortable learning environment for families in Singapore for effective learning.


  • Height-adjustable precision desk (52-76cm)
  • A scratch-resistant surface. Draw with a water marker and clean with a rag
  • Reading support for tablets, accountants
  • Tilting desk with gas spring (0 ° -50 °) for writing, reading, and drawing
  • Stationery drawer
  • Plenty of storage space and left and right hooks for bags
  • Left and right crank for height adjustment
  • 4 adjustable table legs for uneven floors
  • Their ergonomic children’s learning table offers precise adjustments.

At Kitchamp, we understand the role of high-quality children’s study tables in developing good postural habits for children. For this reason, they have spent a lot of time designing affordable study tables for children.

kids study desk


  • Protect your baby’s back with the best baby desk in Singapore
  • A good table arrangement and an ideal chair back that maintains the spine’s natural curvature have been shown to help the child focus and improve overall performance.
  • Children’s kid’s study desk that stimulates creativity
  • All Singaporean students deserve a designated study place. Their open study table allows children to develop their ideas while developing good storage habits. It also allows children to practice independent learning.
  • At such a young age, our children’s immune systems are still developing. That’s why Kidchamp only produces learning tables with environmentally friendly materials to assure parents that our products are safe for their children.


  • Increased productivity

Considering children’s work and spine health during the design process, the Kidchamp children’s learning table is a more productive learning unit because the high-quality learning table ensures maximum comfort for the child.

  • Better spine health

Idiopathic scoliosis is a type of scoliosis that causes abnormal curvature of the spine. This condition mainly occurs in Singaporean teenagers. Therefore, it is very important to prevent spinal development by properly using ergonomic furniture such as study benches and chairs to protect the spinal column.

  • Correct bad posture

If your child squats regularly or complains of back pain, an ergonomic children’s work table can help you get the help you need. Our learning table allows your child’s arms to rest completely on the table so that the child does not have to bend their arms in unnatural positions and lean forward.

They deliver on time so contact them today for the best quality products for your children.