There are multiple reasons why plantar fibroma keeps on developing to some persons. These light tumors that are developing on the footbed areas are not malignant and are not threatening the life of the person detected on. However, they can create an acute painful syndrome to all persons that need to walk and stand on their feet.

This happens because the fibroma tumors are developing on the outer side of the nerve endings and are triggering painful feelings that are delivered to your spinal cord and then your brain. The usual treatment for plantar fibroma especially when the tumors getting larger in size and induce unbearable pain is the surgical one.

You will be amazed to know that there are some special shoes that can easily ease the symptoms of the plantar fibroma. However, if you want to find the right solution for your situation you need to know the exact origin of the plantar fibroma disease.

Origins of the plantar fibroma disease

There are multiple hereditary reasons to trigger the plantar fibroma. First, there are certain mutations on the genome of people that are developing these fibroma tumors. These mutations are slowly but gradually developing into greater tumors that are making your walking and standing efforts a lot more painful and difficult to occur.

Then plantar fibroma can develop from the wrong types of shoes that you are constantly wearing. There are many people that don’t really have an idea about the harm they are doing to their feet when they are wearing narrow shoes that give less room for their feet to move freely. This situation can give a lot of pressure to the sensitive soft tissues of the footbed that are getting suppressed and can induce the creation of fibroma tumors to some people.

As soon as the tumors are getting developed then you are a subject to extreme pain that is felt no matter what you are doing. The experience of this chronic pain can lead many of these patients to the surgical solution even though their situation could be easily dealt with a regular footwear change.

Another great source of plantar fibroma disease could be the metastatic cells that arrive to the footbed from another place of your body where cancer has been detected. That is why you should always undertake a full body scan in case you are diagnosed with plantar fibroma disease that may hide other important situations behind.

What are the possible treatments for plantar fibroma?

The first and more effective treatment could be the surgical ones that can radically take away the core of the damage. There are tumors which are larger in size and can be easily be secreted by the surgeon. This will give you a pain free walking and sanding right upon the surgery.You can try still toe boots for your plantar fibroma problem. Mainly steel toe shoes are made for many purposes like work boots, low enforcement boots, landscaping boots etc.

Additionally, plantar fibroma keeps on needing the most adequate pair of shoes that you can possibly have. Many main shoes brands could easily give you the most important features you are going to need to ease the painful symptoms. The best shoes for the conditions are having the best cushioning to protect the heel areas and foot curve areas. Not to mention, that these shoes are giving you the chance to protect the ankle areas every time you are walking.

Shoes are the most important healing component in the process. When you are diagnosed with plantar fibroma and you don’t want to undertake the surgical procedure then you need to buy the best shoes you can possibly get. Don’t underestimate the fact that these shoes are giving you a roomier forefoot area since this is going to provide extra room for your toe fingers to move and offer you greater stability and pain free walking sessions.


Plantar fibroma tumors are not malignant, and they are not life threatening. However, they are affecting your normal stature and walking patterns in a way that can extremely induce painful feelings.

When using the right kind of shoes, you can easily avoid an unnecessary surgery and feel a lot more comfortable to return to your daily chores. This is something that modern shoes brands are easily giving to all of you who are suffering from this awful disease.