Modern hanbok

When it comes to tradition, different culture followed in different countries. Traditional wear is one of the major things that is followed in most of the countries. If the function arrives, people prefer to wear traditional wear to celebrate the function. According to the occasions, they wear dresses. One of the traditional costumes in Korea is hanbok that has a heavy significance. Nowadays, as fashion evolving all around the world, you could find modern hanbok that people showing more interests in wearing it.

Hanbok is with the two pieces men and women wear the jacket on the top that is known to be jeogori. Women wear a skirt on the bottom that is known as chima. It is quite large that reaches to the ground. Men wear large pants called baji. People feel very comfortable wearing hanbok. Even though it is not worn everyday, they wear it on special occasions. Most of them prefer to wear it on a wedding as traditional wear with modern traces. By seeing the history, there were some restrictions on wearing the patterns and colors of hanbok.

Modern hanbok

Common people allowed to wear only limited choices of colors like white, pink or grey. The upper class get a chance to pick the one from the huge range of choices. Children and young girls could wear bright colors but older women should wear only particular shades. Only the royal family members got the choice to wear different color and patterns. But the things have changed, Korea is becoming one of the leading countries in contemporary fashion design. They started implementing a fashion and changing the traditional handbook to the modern hanbok that is more comfortable to wear.

Now, you could find varieties of colors and patterns that are available in the streets of Korea. The quality fabrics used to make the style more contemporary, which is more relevant to modern fashionistas. Different hanbok is available for different occasions.Depending on your style, you can customize your handbook at the preferred color and fabric. When you travel to Korea, try this traditional wear, and there are many places helps to come with the best outfit. If you are wearing for the first time, it might quite tricky to wear traditional attire. Get help from the people to experience the outfit if you are in confusion. The dress you wear must be more comfortable, and the knot shouldn’t be tight.

Hence, it is a pride for the Korean people when seeing the visitors in their national dress. Hanbok is also presented as a gift to many visitors of their country as the token of friendship. Don’t miss out the chance to wear hanbok if you visit South Korea.