shoes for heel pain

When it comes to heel pain most likely it would be associated with plantar fasciitis. What is it? It’s a condition where a spur is present in the heel. The causes can be many things, like, stress fracture, arthritis, tendonitis, nerve hat are only irritation and even a cyst. You can’t really diagnose one because things like that are only diagnosed by a specialist. It’s an inflammation that unable you to use your foot due to pain and swelling. Although doctors will tell you that you need to rest it’s not always applicable for some people.

Although it heavily affects your daily living making you unable to walk properly, not all people have that luxury. There are some that still need to work, drive their kids to school, deliver some goods n or and many more. One of the ways that people manage that is by having good footwear. But what is good footwear when you have heel pain anyway? You will know that it’s not just a shoe but a few things that are added together.

The medicine: The usual medicine is a combination of painkillers and anti Inflammatory. Although it does not address it long term unless you got arthritis, it doesn’t erase the fact that it can help you walk again and make everything bearable. It will allow people to walk on their feet without crutches and even do the long drives.

Limit activities: The more that you walk and compress it, you will make it worse. That is the reason why if you have one, you need to limit it and use it only when it counts. If you can do your activities like going to the dining area, going to the bathroom or going to the couch without using the swollen feet, do it. Aside from that, avoid lifting heavy objects as well.

shoes for heel pain

Avoid going barefoot: Going barefoot is like a death sentence. The last thing you want is to walk your swollen foot and make it press to the ground even more. You need to wear footwear that you can easily slide in, soft and has arch support. There are many types of footwear that specialize in that like medical shoes, training shoes to even selected running shoes. There are the ideal shoes for heel pain that you need to lean on and consider using the term. For more information visit the link.

Cold compress: Whenever you end your day there‚Äôs nothing like a good old cold compress to help with the pain. As you know its is a natural anesthetic and pressing it to the swollen heel will help it get better over time. But don’t overdo it, it’s advisable that you only use it 20 minutes max.

Not all shoes are the same, there are various types of footwear for various types of needs, like walking, running, sprinting, working out, basketball, soccer, baseball and many many more. What you should know is that even some medical conditions also have some ideal footwear for them. Take heel pain for example, along with other supportive things like medicine, less activity, cold compress and having a shoe with good arch support can make the rehab more effective. But of course, there are various types of heel pain and levels. Deciding to get footwear should be advised by the physician.