An expressive eye is all we wanted. Of course, no one would decline of having beautiful eyes. If wearing the same contact lenses for the last years, then replace it with a new one. Now, it is the right time for a change. In fact, contact lens producers constantly work on enhancing contact lenses. The aim is to create lenses that can be worn all day long. This will be a lens without any discomfort or risk to the eyes. For over the last few years, the quality of contact lenses were seriously enhanced. Try to see how modern geo contacts lenses help the eyes to see and feel better.

A month wearing contact lenses

Is wearing lens possible in the morning and let it on until the 30 days? This is not asked by those who are wearing lenses, but they really mind it. Is it because they want to wear their lenses for a month, yet afraid of knowing the answer. This may sound good to be true, but there are actually contact lenses that can be safely worn for a month. However, people wearing contacts must know that most contact lenses can be worn for 8-10 hours. This is because the flow of oxygen in the eyes will be blocked. This may cause irritation and it promotes bacterial infection. This is for the contacts that are only advisable to wear in a short time. But, not with the new generation of lenses that needs to grab your own geo contacts. It is made from a safe material with much higher oxygen permeability. These contacts are safe to wear 6 times more oxygen, which is conventional contacts. Wearing contact lenses with more oxygen reaching the eyes is safe to wear for a month that is a safe option.

Colored-Contact Lenses – trending contacts today

With the advancement of the technology today, the popular saying, “hitting two birds with one stone”, becomes possible. This can be related to the eye color while correcting vision problem. In fact, this is sound interesting. It is possible and free to try out the different kinds of color contacts. Now, deciding to try some other contacts to make you look different is actually a nice idea. The recently developed contact lenses colors give you a vivid, yet very natural look. There are 2 types of colored contact lenses. The real point of creating these options of lenses is for the enhancement. It is half transparent and designed to enrich the natural color and opaque lenses. It can change the color of the eyes completely, even having dark eyes. These are modern color contacts that come in 2 weeks to 1-month disposables. Here are the most popular contact lenses color collections:

  • Fresh color blends. It changes the color of light or dark eyes
  • Fresh radiance. It enhances the lenses making the eyes sparkly
  • Acuvue 2-color opaque. Enhancing the lenses
  • Focus soft colors. Enhancing lenses to brighten light eyes. It gives a green, tint of blue or aqua lenses