A toy is an object to play with. Making kids play with toys is a means of training your children in their growing years. Younger age group kids try to imitate themselves with the toys they play. Some kids even make their own imaginary world playing around and interacting with these toys. One can find many kinds and varieties of toys in the market. Barbie dolls, transformers, spiderman and batman, Donald duck or minions the latest toy which is high in demand among the younger kids.

The minions toys originated from the movie Despicable me in 2010. The minions are small yellow henchman shaped short yellow creatures. They wear blue overalls with black gloves and boots. They have one or two eyes and thin fine little strands of hair on their heads. They speak a language which is non understandable. In the movie “despicable me” which was featured in 2015, an animated one, it shows the minions have existed since the beginning of life on earth. The main characters are named as Stuart, Dave and Bob. Their main Moto is to search for an evil master to rule the world and enjoy doing so.

The minions are known to be the official mascots of illumination and the Minion Mayhem ride is a simulation ride attraction in Universal studios.

Most of the online shopping websites have minion toys offered at different prizes. You would even find minion school bags, tiffin boxes, clothes, key chains and various other stuff having minion pictures over it. There is a minion store online offering the best of minion gifts that you can purchase from.

Few of the most likeable minion toys bought online are mentioned below:

  1. Plush buddy Stuart Minion – A small adorable little soft Stuart whose height is 5 inches tall with plastic goggles and cool black gloves. This little one can fit into your back pack easily to be carried anywhere.
  2. Minion Dave-The talking action figure- The talking Dave from Minions has 55 catchphrases in his original voice. Adding to his mischief, if you feed him, he will thank you by farting! The hilarious part is when you keep feeding more the louder he farts. Kids will enjoy this.
  3. The banana munching Stuart minion– Stuart loves munching on bananas. This minion measures 12 inches tall. The funny part is, if you want to feed this minion with bananas, you click his left arm and he will start eating with this his right arm.
  4. Minion Kevin toy figure 20”- This minion is not just 20 inches tall, but a replica of minion favorite. This figure can be kept for display or you can add it to your minion collection.
  5. Bob –The spinning minion toy – This could be a perfect gift for an avid minion fan. One can have hours of fun by just spinning this toy, as you flick the top, the minion will be lighted up and starts talking at the same time.