How to Select the Right Washing Machine for Your Family

In the past, washing clothes and beddings is back aching. Thankfully, washing machines are created. These days, you are enjoying an easy and stress-free washing. If at this moment you are thinking of investing in a new washing machine, there are lots of factors that you need to consider.

Here’s how to select the right wasmachine for your family:

Check your laundry room or corner

The first thing that you need to consider is the size of your laundry room or your laundry corner. You should know that a full-sized washer could be up to 24 to 30 inches wide. Some are even bulky with contoured fronts that add to its width. To determine the size that you need, you should grab a tape measure and jot down the dimensions of the space.

Determine the weight of the washing machine

If your laundry room is not in the basement, you need to ensure that the floor is properly reinforced. Washing machines are kind of heavy. You should also think about quieter models with features that reduce noise and vibration during the spin cycle so it will not disrupt your daily life.

Assess the tub dimension

If you have a ton of wash to do, it is important that you assess the tub dimension. The tub dimension can range from 2.45 to 5.6 cubic feet. You will find the biggest capacity on a front loader or top loader. While you are at it, consider programmable settings.

Calculate your budget

Now there is the cost. If you do not want to spend a lot, allot a small budget but it does not mean that you sacrifice performance. You just have to be prepared because you will not get fancy features. Also, do not be swayed with trendy colors because it can add more cost. If you are serious about saving, choose a white model instead.

How to Select the Right Washing Machine for Your Family

Opt for a machine that conserves water and electricity

Keep in mind that front loaders use less water than top loaders (since you have to fill up entirely for wash and rinse). Opt for an Energy Star washing machine, which can mean 20 to 30% reduction of water and electricity use. Aside from that, you should also check Energy Guide labels as a basis for comparing models.

Look for better cleaning results

One factor that you should consider is how tough the machine is in fighting stains. In most tests, front loaders provide better cleaning results compared to top loaders. With this, look for a machine with a special stain-remover feature. It can be useful if you also see if it has a steam feature or presoaking cycle.

Choose a machine that agitator

If you are particular about your clothing care, it is better to choose a machine without an agitator. The agitator can cause the clothing to tangle and it is tough on fabric. For this, you should consider a front-loader or top loader. There are high-end models that have special cycles designed for different materials. Check for custom features, adjustable spin speeds, and sanitizing cycles.